As a jack-of-all-trades type of writer, the best way to showcase my work would be to give examples of my strongest work in each genre I have worked with.

Blending Genres

No” is a short story/script genre mix created for a genre blending assignment. I incorporated the short story genre to provide insight into the main character’s thoughts while using script format and language to emphasis visuals.

Character Biographies

A list of Character Biographies for my script “The Killing Game”. A script class assignment called for detailed biographies of the characters in our scripts, and my script called for several characters. The amount of diversity was an aesthetic choice.

Feature Film Script

The Killing Game is a feature film idea I created for my script writing class. It is a horror/mystery genre film with a diverse cast. While it more than fulfilled the assignment, it is currently unfinished.

Magical Realism Short Story

One Rainy Day is a heartfelt fiction story about a young girl searching for her father with the help of her new friend. This short story played with formatting, let me explore the magical realism genre, and tested my ability to create believable children as characters.

Experimental Novel

Colors is an experimental novel, written as a high school senior project, that is a collection of short stories that tell an overarching story. Each short story followed one specific character in a group of friends, each afflicted with a color, and the story was written with the style of one specific genre in mind. Although there is a natural progression, each story was written to be able to be a stand-alone piece of work. “The Gray” focuses on a romance, “The Red” focuses on action-adventure, “The White” is a thriller with aspects of a mystery, “The Blue” is an action-drama, “The Yellow” is a drama, and “The Black” is a mix of these genres (and the final story where everyone is reunited).

Independent Study Abroad Trip

Multicultural Gardens” is a non-fiction essay, written in-between my sophomore and junior years in university, on my trip to Kew Gardens, the Royal Botanical Gardens. It has a mix of research and historical information in it, while reading as a re-telling of my trip to the garden.

A Study of Modern Mythology

Amendable Mythology” is an informal analysis, written in-between my sophomore and junior years in university, of pop culture and the mending of myths into modern stories.

A Study of Social Media on The Human Mind

The Human Hivemind” is an academic research essay, written in the beginning of my junior year of university, on the effects of social media and the co-evolution of technology and the human mind.

An Experimental Short Story

No Turning Back” is an experimental fiction short story, written at the end of my junior year of university, based on the mythology of princess Cassandra. The story is written in reverse chronological order.

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