Video Production

As someone who experiments with genre, I wanted to showcase several different types of videos I have created over the years.

AnimationAnimation Portfolio

My “Animation Portfolio” consists of three projects I completed in my 3D animation class. The first is a basic animation moving primitives, the second is a turntable of a backpack I
modeled, and the third is an animation with a character I created a skeleton for and rigged to move.

Documentary VideoThe Dude

The Dude w/ Joe McCargar” is a documentary style video I helped make my sophomore year of university. I worked in a group of three, and mainly worked with producing, editing, and conducting the interview.

Action VideoThe Interview

The Interview” is an action video I helped create my junior year of university. The assignment was to have action sequences in the video, and my role was director in the
group of four.

Kinetic TextLook Behind

Always Look Behind You” is a kinetic text video I created my sophomore year of university. The video is completely made of animated text and uses the voice over of a
YouTuber who is reading a horror story.

Solo ProjectThe Dreamer

The Dreamer” is a story based video I created my sophomo
re year of university. The assignment was to tell a story with as little dialogue as possible. The project called for a lighting set up, an audio set up, certain camera work, and certain editing techniques, and the student had to do all of that on their own.

*More work in Intership & Distinction in Writing pages