I sought out an interdisciplinary internship that would allow me to hone both writing and film making skills. I came across the Marketing Internship at Grand Valley State University’s Human Resources office and I worked there from July 2016 to April 2017 for a minimum of 15 hours per week.

My responsibilities at the office varied from updating files, webpages and social media, to creating marketing material and videos. I worked with a Graphic Design and Illustration double major intern on creating flyers, posters, and social media images/banners. While I had some experience in design, I mainly handled the writing that would go on the materials and posts, as well as filming, editing, and posting any videos (with help with graphics, if any).

WebsitesHW Website

The health and wellness team is in-charge of designing and updating two websites. The first is the Health and Wellness website, which contains resources and information for GVSU faculty and staff, where the interns will update the banners and events, as well as any other information and resources that may be needed to certain pages. The second and Retiree Website
newest website is Retiree Connection, which contains information for all GVSU retirees such as events and resources. The main updates to this site were the events and news
articles, as well as the newsletters and obituaries. The banners are created by the interns. During my time I helped with the creation of the Retiree Connection site and was in charge of all of the updates, as well as updating several pages on the Health and Wellness site. The creation and updating of the banners and events was a shared responsibility, as well as adding additional resources to pages.


The video portion of the internship was a minor role in the past that recently gained a lot of traction. Videos would be posted and close captioned on their YouTube page, GVSU Health and Wellness. During my time at the internship I created several exercise videos, advertisements to events, full coverage of events, and informational videos about resources offered by the office. There were also “mindful moments”, which were videos of landscapes meant to help people relax, as well as “success stories” which were highlights of faculty and staff that worked hard to stay healthy. I would brainstorm the ideas with the health and wellness team, script and storyboard, then film and edit the videos. Overall, I created a total of 30 videos while I worked there, from the first Mindful Moment to the Exercise Groove video.

Newslettersambas. newsletter

The last large portion of the internship involved creating a few different newsletters. During my time there I became increasingly involved in the monthly Ambassador Newsletter that was sent out to the people who signed up to be health and wellness ambassadors for their departments. This newsletter focused on healthy news and events related to GVSU, as well as news and events related to or sponsored by Human Resources. I interviewed people for the monthly “success story”, and wrote the article that would go out with the newsletter.

I also was entirely responsible for the creation of the bi-weekly Ambassadornewsletter Newsletter that was similar to the monthly newsletter. This newsletter was more focused on highlighting upcoming healthy events and had articles on healthy topics.

The monthly Retiree Newsletter is the most recent addition to the newsletters the health and wellness team sends out, which was created the same time the Retiree Connection website was created. This newsletter is very similar to the monthly Ambassador Newsletter, however, it is targeted more towards retirees and includes general campus news and events, as well as the occasional Grand Rapids events and news. I was also entirely responsible for the creation of this newsletter. The newsletter would be posted onto the website to be archived.